Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cook Out

Cook Out. For all you not familiar with this restaurant, let me explain. Imagine God himself decided to open a fast food place, with chicken and burgers and milkshakes, and plop it down along ghettos everywhere near I-85. Yes, this is Cook Out. And if you don't mind ordering your food at one window while drug deals are being made at the next, this is the best fast food you can buy.

My weapon of choice? The grilled cajun sandwich. . . platter. It's a grilled chicken breast, covered in cajun seasoning, doused with Texas Pete and ranch sauce, and placed on a whitebread hamburger bun that you can buy in the supermarket. Add and order of freshly made fries and a large Sprite. That sounds like a tasty meal, too bad it's going to set you back around 7 bucks, right?

WRONG!! Total price. $4.26

They don't have Cook Outs in Greenville, SC. But there are a couple in the Charlotte area, where I have spent my entire week while going around circles in the dark. By the time we are done racing and get out of there, all reputable restaurants have closed. This is when Cook Out gets going, and I would be lying to you if I told you that I haven't eaten here every night for the past 4 nights. But it's not a problem. . .I can quit going there any time. It's not like I need it or anything.

Then again, it is only 2am and a milkshake sounds pretty good right about now.

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