Saturday, April 26, 2008

I think the rule is win=update

Well, I got my first win of the year after coming close a few times. It was State Championship crit down in Charleston, SC. Dead flat course with no real corners meant this race was always going to come down to a field sprint, although for a little while I thought the break I was in was going to go the distance. I was sitting at the back of the break because it was determined before the race that I was to just sit in and wait for the sprint. We also had Torsten in there and I was having him work, but the break itself wasn't working that great.

We get caught with just over a lap to go, but because I was sitting on I was still feeling fresh. Cue up Thad to do what Thad does best, sit on the front for the entire last lap (1 mile) and string out that pack like a runway model. Torsten took over with 400 meters to go (even though he had been working in the break for the past 7 laps), and he gave me a clear shot on the right side. It was really close, but the bike throw (as you can see) got me the win by about a quarter of a wheel.

Next big race is US Air Force Open, it's a big UCI race and I am feeling really good so hopefully I can pull out a big result there.

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Not_In_SC said...

You didn't take the medal right? Please say no.